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Craft Projects for Groups using Elastic Strips

Posted by Douglas Gray on

Skinny Elastic

There are many craft projects a group can do that include the use of printed and skinny elastic strips. Other items you should be ready to use include beads, costume jewelry stones and jewelry claps. The advantage to parents when using elastic strips instead of elastic thread for this project is that the beads will be held in place more firmly and the clattering of the beads will be minimized by the thickness of the elastic strips so the noise that is made when they are being worn is minimal.

Making Jewelry with Elastic Strips

The easiest thing to create is the simple headband or choker. This can be as simple as just a piece of skinny or printed elastic strip in the correct length for the head or neck of the person wearing it. What has to be remembered is that this is elastic and the length has to be long enough not to cling too aggressively.

Many young girls instinctively pull on their necklaces while they are wearing them or taking them off. When elastic strips are used to string the beads, it is permitted to stretch out instead of breaking because of the added thickness of the elastic strip used over elastic thread. Not only can necklaces be made in this fashion, but so can bracelets, anklets and arm rings. They can also be decorated with beads and elastic strip flowers if you prefer.

Arm Bands are now in Fashion with Younger Girls

Arm rings are a decorative accessory that is worn on the upper arm around the bicep. This can be as simple as a single strip of elastic with the ends sewn together with a zigzag stitch as a head band was made. It can also be decorated the same as head bands.

Rings with Flowers

Girls and women of all ages love rings. A craft for the creation is a simple flower ring for young girls is very easily accomplished with skinny and printed elastic strips.

The creation of a daisy type flower is the simplest and easiest to create. The width of the flower has to be decided first. If you want 1 inch flower then 2 inches of electric strip is required for each of the pedals. This would require approximately 16 strips of elastic. If you overlap them then more will be required.

Each strip will make 2 pedals that will be on opposing sides of the flower. This is done be folding the ends in towards the middle and placing a stitch to hold them in place in the center. This is to be done to each elastic strip so all of the pedals are made.

The assembling of the flower can be done in a wide variety of ways to create the visual effect you desire the most. If you are doing this for the first time assemble the pedals by placing them one on top of the other by sticking the center through a pin. This way you can visually see the outcome before putting any stitches which makes them permanent.

The patterns you can use include crisscrossing them perpendicular to one another in pairs. You can also place them one next to the other in a series making a spiral or any combination of the 2 styles. Once you have achieved the design of the pedals you want then you can proceed with placing stitches in the middle to make your pattern permanent. This is generally done by hand. It is then attached to a small loop of elastic strip so it can be worn on the finger.

Forearm Covers

Hand and lower arm sleeves can make use of elastic strips to help hold them in place. Unlike other forms of crafts made with elastic strips to decorate a person’s body, these covering also provide protection against the harmful rays of the sun. This project requires the use of skinny elastic strips in both ends of a piece of cloth or old sleeve. The elastic strip can also be used running down the seam so the entire sleeve stays on place when the person is moving.

The length of the forearm cover should be just below the elbow to the wrist. It is optional to cover the top part of the hand if so desired. When covering the outward section of the hand, a finger loop of elastic strip should be sewn into the end so it can be placed over the middle finger holding the cover in place.

Advantages of being involved in Craftwork at a Young Age

One of the best things about doing a craft workshop with young girls is they learn about the different material that are available. They also learn how to use those materials in the creation of what they visualize in their heads. The sewing they learn and practice will also be very handy in their future.