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Solid Fold Over Elastic

Solid Fold Over Elastic - 5/8th Inch

Solid Fold Over Elastic - 5/8th Inch

We have almost 100 solid colors available for you to choose from!

Material Components in our Fold Over Elastic: 

Solid Color FOE: 35% spandex 65% nylon


Fold Over Elastic is used to finish raw edges, both on underwear and outer garments. It’s also popular for headbands and hair ties.


Our FOE trim are often subjected to a variety of stresses throughout their lifetimes. These loads come in different forms, directions, and durations.


Our yarns, which can stretch more than 95 percent of their length and recover completely after being relaxed, have been used to produce a wide range of textile materials resistant to multiple loads.


Our elastics are constructed to meet the demands of today's functional and customized market. Because of the high quality construction, our products are increasingly sought after by consumers. With a vast array of designs available, we can offer you an elastic product to meet your needs