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How is my elastic order shipped?
We ship most orders via USPS First Class Mail.

What is the lead time on my order?
We do our best to fill and ship all orders as quickly as possible. Most orders ship same day if ordered before noon or within 2 business days for large orders. All orders received after 2PM EST are considered received on the following business day.

Can my order be rushed?
If you are in a hurry to receive your elastic, please contact us prior to placing your order. In most cases we can rush your order for a $10 fee, and ship it out the same day if the order is received by noon EST.

Where do I enter my coupon code?
Enter the code on the shopping cart page, in the offer code box.

Do you offer upgraded shipping?
Yes, we offer upgraded shipping for our domestic customers. Upgrading your shipping to USPS Priority Mail is an option you will see at the checkout page. It is important to note that the lead time for your order will remain as stated above. USPS Priority Mail typically arrives 2-5 days after shipment, but they do not guarantee it to arrive in that time frame (although it usually does). EBTY will not refund the fee if the post office fails to deliver within their estimated delivery date.

Free Shipping
If the total in your shopping cart exceeds $75 in value, you automatically qualify for free shipping to a domestic US address.  

Where can I get my tracking number?
We will email you tracking information for your order the day that it ships from our warehouse. In addition, if you’ve created an account, it will be updated on this site as to when we shipped your order. Please keep an eye on your spam folder, as the email may accidentally end up there.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We actually ship world-wide. Not all countries can order directly from our site, but we would be happy to setup your country, just email us a request.

Where are you shipping from?
Our warehouse is located in Pennsylvania to offer the quickest shipping time anywhere in the domestic U.S.


Do you have a sample card?
At this time we do not, but we do have an online color chart for both the Solid FOE (click here) and the Skinny elastic (click here).

Do you label your colors?
Yes. And No.  We label all 5+ yard quantities. This means, all of our singles are UNLABELED. So, if you're looking at 5 shades of pink and can't figure out which one you want, we can - - upon request - - label up to 5 single yards per order. You must make your request in the comments section when placing your order.


Do you accept returns?
That’s a great question. Please visit the “Return Policy” section of our site here.

Can I cancel my order?
Order cancellations can only be done prior to your order being shipped. Please notify us ASAP if you need to cancel or make changes. We generally ship orders within an hour or so of receiving it.

Can I pick up my order or tour your warehouse?
As much as we’d love to meet you in person, our warehouse is currently closed to the public.

How do you package your elastic?

We package our Elastic mainly in 3 sizes: the 1 yard, 5 yard and 100 yard sizes. Since we custom pre-package most of our elastic - this page will show you how you may expect your elastic to be packaged.


1 Yard Packages are bagged or wrapped!

Skinny Elastic and FOE are either wrapped in paper or individually bagged. These 1 yard packages will NOT be labeled with the color name.



5 Yard Packages (or more) of "Skinny Elastic" & "FOE Elastic" are spooled!

Skinny Elastic:

Skinny Elastic is spooled on a card. Although we don't advertise it, we can (upon request or at our discretion) spool up to 50 continuous yards of Skinny elastic on a single card. This way, there is less waste when you use the elastic. If you are ordering multiple 5 yard increments of a single color, and want us to spool them together, please ask at the time of the order in the order comments! Otherwise we will most likely send multiple increments of 5 yards.


Our factory spools our FOE before it arrives to our shipping warehouse. So, we cannot spool special quantities of our FOE. Sorry! Solid colors will be labeled the color (if it's not obvious like Black or White) with either a computer generated label or a handwritten label, but printed elastic will not be color labeled. 




100+ Yard Packages of Elastic are spooled!

Bulk quantities of foe or skinny elastic are packaged on a spool. These spools of 100+ yard spools may not be made of a single continuous piece; many times it is made of two or more pieces that are stapled together during the manufacturing process. Your spool may look different from the photo below. Solid colors will be labeled with the color name, however printed elastic is generally not color labeled. 


We reserve the right to change the packaging of our elastic. We may decide to rubber band certain elastics or we may decide to card, bag or spool orders for sizes other than 1 or 5, so you may receive a card, bag or spool of a combined size totaling your yardage, for example you order 7 yards, we may decide to place that on one card, bag or spool. 

How can I find out about sales and promotions?

Well, there are a couple of ways. First, you can join our Facebook page. That’s the main way we keep you up to date on most EBTY news. But if you want access to our BEST sales, please sign up for our newsletters. No spam, I promise. :)

What forms of payment to you accept?
We are proud to accept Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as well as PayPal.


FOE Material Content Info

Material Components in our Fold Over Elastic: 

Heat Transfer FOE: 30% spandex 70% polyester

Solid Color & Screen Printed FOE: 35% spandex 65% nylon

*Screen Prints are made using oil, glitter, and/or foil paper

When will your “sold out” items be back in stock?
We try really hard to keep products in stock, so rest assured that if it’s sold out we are working on getting it back in the warehouse and available to you. For the most up-to-date information, please take a look at our Facebook page.

Do you have a rewards program?

No. Our rewards program has been discontinued. If you had reward points that you would like to redeem, then please contact us and we will send you the coupon code to use on a purchase.

Previously Earned Points Rules: You previously earned 2 points for every $1 you spent excluding any shipping fees, taxes, discounts applied and store credits and 50 points for every successful referral. Rewards are issued as coupons or store credits.

Points can be redeemed - $5 for every 50 points, to be redeemed in groups of no less than 50 points. You can redeem points of 50, 100, 150, 200, etc. To redeem points like 187, that would be 150 points to redeem with 37 left over.