A Fun Use of Skinny, Printed and Fold Over Elastic Strips

Posted by Douglas Gray on 6th Apr 2018

The uses for skinny, printed and fold over elastic strips in baby cloths and articles in and near the crib is an ideal way to dress up your new born in a safe and eye appealing manner. The placing of elastic strips into old baby clothes, which were worn by previous children in the family, can transform them into something new and unique.

The Most Effective way to transform Baby Cloths is with Ruffles and Crinkles

The easiest way to make old baby clothing appear to be new is to add texture to their appearance. This is accomplished by adding ruffles and crinkle areas into the fabric. In a baby girls dress the top section can have two strips of skinny elastic strips sewn into the garment just below the neckline and just above the tummy area. For greater accent and the creation of a wrinkle effect, two rows of elastic strips can be added. This will create a small crinkle section in the dress and also create a ruffled area in between the two areas.

Another popular addition to old baby clothes is the incorporation of ruffled sleeves. This allows for the sleeves to stay in place no matter how fussy the baby gets. Unlike other application of skinny elastic strips into clothing items, the two thirds length of skinny elastic strips to cloth is too aggressive for a baby’s tender skin. To help keep the baby comfortable and not leave an indentation in their skin a strip of elastic should be five sixths the length of the cloth being crinkled. The stitch is the typical zigzag that fits in the width of the skinny elastic strip.

Decorating the Crib with Skinny, Printed and Fold Over Elastic Strips

The uses of elastic strips in and around the crib are present to be more than just appealing to the eye or keeping cloth items firmly against a surface. This simple clothing accessory is also the item that a baby can practice its grip on. Remember babies have no concept about anything in their new surroundings which includes that their hands are actually connected to them. By having elastic strips in and around the crib, a baby can see how grabbing the strip has a reaction in the way it stretches out when their hand grips it and then let it go. While parents know about elastic and how it reacts, babies do not and it is a wondrous new thing in their new world. The more they interact with it, the better control over their hands they get.

The placement and orientation of the elastic strips in the crib environment is critical. For newborns that are still lying on their backs, the strips should be within reach of their hands but not their mouths. As they grow up and have the ability to stand, the placement of the strips has to be raised. By adding skinny elastic strips to the mobile hanging over them is an ideal place. The strips should also be left dangling and never in a loop. The length should also be relatively short so absolutely no chance they will become entangled with it.