Applications of Elastic Strips as an Accessory in a Wardrobe

Posted by Douglas Gray on 7th Apr 2018

There are many uses for fold over, skinny and printed elastic strips as accessories to one’s wardrobe. This is one classification of what you wear that does not require you to be a seamstress or designer just someone with an imagination and desires to be a little bit different.

The Simple Elastic Belt

One of the most simplistic and easiest to make accessory is the fashionable elastic belt. This addition to your wardrobe can utilize any of the three types of elastic strips. The correct one will be determined by just what your intentions are in adding this type of waist decoration.

The overall length of the belt and material that should be used is decided by how you wish to attach it and if the overhang is to be used as an additional accent point. The minimal length should be no less than 2” longer than your waistline just below your naval.

The most common way to keep it tight is with a metal double loop as the buckle. This is a pair of rounded loops with one side that is flat. This can be easily attached with a small amount of elastic strip folded over the pair and sewn in place with a small zigzag stitch. With this type of buckle there are no holes that will need to be placed in the elastic strip. This prevents any possibility of the elastic strips from fraying upon being used. The elastic belt can also be tied in a bow if that is desired.

Belts with Shoulder Straps

A variation on the standard waist belt is also popular today. This is a feminine version of the types of belts men wear in the military. An additional elastic strip can run over either shoulder and add that little flare to your outfit. This addition can be made to be permanently affixed in place with a small zigzag stitch. It can also be left adjustable with a loop of material around the belt so movement can be made. This is a personal choice the wearer of the accessory gets to make.

The Easy to Make Key Retractor

Everyone has a set of keys that must be carried on their person when they leave their home. Having access to them at all time is important. By using an elastic strip in the shape of a bracelet, the keys can be easily accessible at all times which also reduces their chances of becoming lost or dropped. This way they can be worn around the wrist and be ready to be used when you are approaching a lock. For ladies who walk alone, having them in their hands securely attached is also recommended by law enforcement officials as a deterrent against crime. With a key between your fingers pointing outward, it is a small but effective weapon.

In the construction of the elastic strip bracket with keys, the keys do not necessarily have to be directly attached to the band. Additional elastic strips can be attached to the bracelet with the key at the other end of a short segment of elastic strip. This gives greater access in reach for you to handle the keys with a single hand.