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Elastic Strip Craft Projects useful for the Car

Posted by Douglas Gray on

One of the most challenging things when you are traveling in a car or truck is to keep personal items in place so they can be within easy reach. There are many different types of accessories already made to hold drinks, that bag of snacks along with the always used cell phone. What most people have found that these items on the market are tacky and have a lot to be desired in the way they perform their necessary function. Elastic strips can be utilized to not only make them look more appealing to the eye but also function as you need.

The all important Cup or Glass Holder

Most cup and glass holders made for a vehicle are designed in terms of being very general. There are few, if any that actual take a firm hold of a glass or cup and keep it secure when the vehicle is traveling down the road. While the foundation of most does work as designed, it is the way it holds the cup securely which can be improved with elastic strips.

Most drivers use the same size cup repeatedly when they desire to have liquid refreshment while traveling. With this in mind the circumference of the bottom of that liquid holding vessel should be measured. This can be most easily done with a piece of string. Mark the edges of the string so you know it circumference then lay it flat and measure it. The same type of measurement should then be taken just above the top of the cup holder.

The elastic strips should be then measured with an additional inch on each one. The overlap is the section that should be used to sew together the ends with a zigzag stitch. So the cup is secure make the circumference of the elastic strip slightly smaller than the corresponding area on the cup or glass, about a quarter inch.

To attach the two pieces of elastic strip to each other vertically a stiff material should be used. This should be on the inside where it will come in direct contact with the liquid vessel. This can be simple bamboo BBQ sticks, small slats of wood or even plastic if you so desired. It is best to use a stiff material that can be easily anchored to your cup holder. Four of them will be required. If there is space between the edge of the cup holder and the new elastic strip accessory, spacers of little blocks of wood or plastic can be used. The stiff material should extend just above the upper section of the cup holder with the lower end at the base.

Once completed, the cup you place there will be held more securely and the chance of the contents being spilled is significantly reduced. If you travel off road or over rough roads, an additional elastic strap can be used to hold the cup in the holder by placing one over the top being attached on opposing sides of the holder.

Elastic Strip Strap

Many cars sit in the sun for long periods of time. To help deflect the rays of the sun from not only damaging the interior of the vehicle but to help keep it cool, the use of a sun screen is used. These needed to be folded up when not in use. Many of them are placed under the seat at that time. They can be difficult to keep together. With an elastic strip fashioned in the shape of a loop being attached to each end this unfolding of it will not occur. The strip should be cut one inch longer than the width of the sun screen when folded. The ends of the strip should then be sew with 1 ¼” overlapped. A good zigzag stitch is the best to use.

This same type of elastic strip can be made for use on the sun visor and glove box if so desired. These should be measured in the same fashion as the sun screen straps but the overlap should be 2 or more inches so even the smallest piece of paper will be held firmly against the surface.