Elastic Strips used as Shoestrings and Ties on Clothing

Posted by Douglas Gray on 24th Apr 2018

Elastic strips can be used as shoe strings and ties on clothing or anywhere else a stretchable segment of cloth is necessary to hold something in place. The different types that can be used include fold over, skinny and the printed variety of elastic strips. The exact type you may wish to use will be determined by the application and a personal preference.

Replacing Shoestrings with Skinny and Printed Elastic Strips

It is true most shoe strings are woven in a manner that provides a little bit of spring action to them. When elastic strips are used instead of standard shoestrings, this stretching ability holds not only the foot apparel in place, but also allows for more give. This give is easily translated to a more comfortable fit when walking.

For a personal statement, the use of printed elastic strips can be utilized in foot apparel. This type of elastic strip is available in a wider assortment of colors, designs and themes than what shoestrings can be found in. This includes the chevron, houndstooth and animal prints that add that special flare of personality for a person to show off. There are also many seasonal prints available.

Ties used in Clothing Items

There are many ways to add skinny and printed elastic strips to clothing garments to individualize them to your own personal taste. The easiest is the replacement of the string ties with elastic strips. Since most ties are of the same color and material as the item they are purchased with, the added flare of the elastic strips will be noticed by all that see you. This can be with seasonal prints or just a tint difference in the color you decide to use. It also makes it possible to change the type and color of the elastic strips each time you wear the garment.

Because the elastic strips are in place instead of cloth ties, the area in which they are used provides for more give as ties. This leads to a more comfortable fit for the wearer to enjoy. This eliminates the confinement that standard cloth ties restrict to a person who is wearing them.

Elastic Strips being used on Clothing is not restricted to fashions dictated by the manufacturers

There are garments with cloth ties in the front, on sleeves and in the shoulders. It is easy to replace these cloth strings with elastic strips, but there is so much more you can do if you let your imagination run.

The replacing of where the buttons and holes go in with elastic strips in the upper portion of a shirt not only changes the appearance of the top, but also transforms it into a one of a kind garment. This type of freedom in how your garments are worn and changed is a personal one. It also helps to guarantee no one else will be wearing what you are so embarrassing moments can be avoided.

Why use Elastic Strips in and on your Garments

By strategically placing skinny and printed elastic strips in your garments, you really personalize them to your taste in fashion. This is the easiest and lowest cost path to follow for those that buy their garments off the rack, but never want to be seen wearing the same outfit as anyone else around.