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Quick and Easy Animal Toys Made From Elastic Strips

Posted by Douglas Gray on

Did you know it is possible to make toys for your pets out of elastic strips? These are safe and fun for them and inexpensive for you to create. What should be remembered is that your pets are animals and know no limits so expect them to be extremely hard on what you make and be ready for them to destroy it. It is in their nature to do so. Here are some quick and easy ideas on a new toy for your beloved pet.

A Toy for Cats Made From Fold Over Elastic (Elastic Strips)

When it comes time to make a toy for your cat, remember their playtime is practice for their hunting time. Cats love to chase and pounce! Here is an easy idea for fun cat toy.

Using your choice of color elastic strips, fold over the elastic strips approximately 6 to 9 inches long. Next, you will fold it over by bringing both ends to the center and attaching it. A simple bow is made. This is to be repeated until you have the resemblance of a ball. This can be done when these bows are attached together facing multiple angles from the center. You can stop there or place one strip of elastic about 2 feet long at the center. This last piece of elastic strip is the part that you can hold to control the movement of the elastic ball when playing with your kitten or cat.

If you are pressed for time and just want to play with your kitten, the use of just one long section of elastic strip can be used. Your playful kitten will love to chase and pounce on it.

Elastic Strip Toys for Dogs

Dogs are very different than cats when it comes to how they play with their toys. Most dogs favorite play time game is Tug of War! You can easily make a tug of war toy out of elastic strip that can lead to many hours of fun with your canine friend.

By taking three to five of fold over elastic strips that are three feet in length, you can weave or braid them together. This will provide you with a length that is suitable to play tug of war with your friend. The number of elastic strips necessary will be dependent on the size and strength of your dog.

Your dog is probably use to playing tug of war, but with a non-expanding material like a rope or string. The give in the elastic strips will confuse them at first. One of the cutest things you will encounter is the funny expression on their face when they notice the expansion of the braid, but then they will get down to business and pull.