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​What Can You Make with Fold Over Elastic?

Posted by Patty Silla on

Moms, friends and craft circles everywhere have tapped into new and fun ways to use elastic. With multiple colors available and printed patterns that have every print from holiday Santas to football team logos there is no end to the amount of exciting ideas to come up with. Whether using a sewing machine or stitching by hand it is easy to make headbands, hair ties, bracelets and anklets, as well as bookmarks, garters, napkin holders, curtain ties. Incorporated into any pattern that requires elastic, this elastic does not have to be covered in fabric, but can be displayed on the outer garment.

Baby headbands became a popular adornment for infants in the late 1990's, using a flower as a pendant and creating an adorable look for pictures and dressing up the baby. Do it yourself with fold over elastic and it is affordable to have one for every outfit. Make it a project and you can sell them at flea markets and church sales.

The baby isn't the only one who can have a headband for every outfit. If you like to wear headbands, fold over elastic is the best, most comfortable headband you can wear. Just like the baby headbands you can adorn them with a flower or a charm, or use the patterns and designs to match all of your moods and clothing.

Sew them up a bit smaller and you can create beautiful bracelets and anklets for fun with the girls or to bling up your attire. Just ad a knot to a smaller piece of elastic and boom, an instant hair tie. Create a plethora of colors and patterns and you will never run out of ways to put up your hair.

For use in the home, fold over elastic is an excellent choice for instant napkin holders, curtain tie-backs and as a book mark.

Fold over elastic is also a perfect elastic to use in any sewing project requiring 5/8″ elastic. It is also used on the outer edges of garments to give them a fitted look and style. Used on necklines and cuffs fold over elastic creates the perfect outline to the garment and the colors and designs will make yours like no other available.

Sewing headbands, hair ties and bracelets are just some of the ways crafters, seamstresses, moms and friends are using fold over elastic. Once you begin working with fold over elastic you may come up with even more ideas.