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How to Make a Chain Bracelet {with an Elastic Tie}

Spice up your accessories by adding a touch of subtle color with this super-easy, cheap elastic-woven or bowed chain bracelet.

What You Need

  • 1 "choker top" {ie jewelry chain found at any craft store}
  • a {longer} piece of skinny elastic of your choice for weaving, or a short piece of skinny elastic for a bow

Fun side note: all my supplies were left over from previous tutorials.  I do love free accessories/gifts!

Step 1: Tie one end of the elastic to the loop.


Step 2: Weave the elastic through, every other link or so.

Step 3: Tie the other end of elastic to the opposite end's loop {repeat step 1, just on the opposite end}.

Hint: For added pizzazz, use longer elastic and tie a bow.

Option 2: For a subtler, yet still eye-catching bracelet, just tie the two ends of the chain together with a loose-ish knot {you need to be able to stretch it to put it on} and then a bow.

Yet again, a great craft for yourself, or for a special gal's stocking.  Win-win, I say, especially since most choker tops come in a set of 2.  Just sayin'....

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