How to Make a Covered Button Headband

This tutorial was submitted to us by our close friend Emily.  You can find her at her blog.

How to make a Covered Button Headband

I have always been a huge fan of covered buttons.  I had approximately a million down the back of my wedding dress, and I still adore them.  When I saw a fabric-covered button headband, I knew I had to learn how.  Shockingly, it is so, so easy.  Every craft store sells button covering kits for a few bucks, dependent upon size and number.  So, choose your fabric, grab a kit, and let's get crafting!

What You Will Need:

  • piece of elastic of your choice, enough to go around your head tautly
  • a small piece of fabric {I got mine out of the clearance remnants at Jo-Anne- you may remember it from my ruffle necklace}
  • needle and thread OR hot glue gun, scissors

*Confession- I started with a glue gun and changed my mind due to the shape of m buttons.

Step 1: Cover your buttons.

hint: 3 or 5 is a good number of buttons to do.

The kit will explain exactly how to cover the buttons- it is super-easy and fast!


Step 2: Glue or sew the buttons onto the elastic.

It's easiest to do adhere your buttons before sewing your elastic into a loop for the headband.  I was going to glue the buttons on, but they came with loops on the back that were easy to sew.  So, I decided to sew instead.


Step 3: Make the headband.

Now sew or glue the elastic together to make the headband.

Wasn't that easy??  And look at the result!