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How to Make a Double Elastic Headband {kid-friendly!}

Elastic headbands are always fun and easy.  Double the elastic means double the fun, right?  I thought so, and I can assure you my daughter does too!

What You Need

  • 20-ish inches of skinny elastic {all one piece, not cut!}
  • a bead or accessory that has enough of an opening for the elastic to thread through


I ended up opting for the initial bead rather than the pink jewel.  It's up to you and the look you want.  I made my daughter's American Girl doll a similar piece, so I thought it would be a fun surprise.  Indeed, it was!

Step 1: Thread the elastic.

Okay, take both ends of the one piece of elastic and thread them thru the bead in opposite directions, so that overlap and come out opposite ends of the bead.

Step 2: Center the bead.

Basically, just pull the bead to a central spot so that you can proceed.

Step 3: Tie the ends.

It's helpful to have your/the wearer's head present to be able to fit the headband best.  But, all you do is tie the left-over ends and snip the excess.

And ta-da!

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