How to Make a Festive Vase Decoration {fall edition}

This tutorial was submitted to us by our close friend Emily.  You can find her at her blog.

How to Make a Fall Vase Decoration

Today I bought some lovely sunflowers at Trader Joe's.  I put them in a simple mason jar, which was quite pretty.  But....I felt it needed a little something.  And since I adore the fall season and it's actually a bit cooler here in the Pacific Northwest, I am definitely in a festive mood.  Thus, I made this autumnal bling for my Mason jar which would work for any vase in that it's elastic and stretchy.


What You Will Need:

  • Mason jar or vase
  • a fold-over piece of elastic of your choice, long enough to go around your jar or vase
  • hot glue gun {you can sew it instead if you prefer}
  • fall decor {i got mine 40% off at Jo Annes}
  • flowers

Step 1: Glue the elastic for the band.

Stretch the elastic around your jar or vase and glue it so it will be pretty taut.


Step 2: Add some wrap-around decoration.

I used some twisty. nubby stuff to jazz up the elastic and to later give me some extra support for the other pieces.  Just wrap whatever you like on top of the elastic- I like the pop of color the elastic provides, then the rustic feel of the vine.


Step 3: Tuck in the fall leaves.

Here is where your pretties come in.  Just tuck them in under the elastic and then tie the vine around them for extra measure.


Step 4: Find a cheerful place to display your fall vase!