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How to Make Fold Over Elastic Headbands

What you will need: 

Step One Cut your elastic to desired length.  

Suggested Measurements for Headbands:

  • Newborn – 13″ 
  • 3-6 Months – 15″ 
  • 6-12 Months – 16″ 
  • 12m – Tween – 17″ 
  • Adult – 18″

You can also measure by wrapping the elastic around your little girl’s head to get a true custom fit. 


Take your cut elastic and fold it so that the two shiny ends are touching, and the matte side is facing out.  Then take your needle and thread, and make a few stitches at the end until they are well sealed.  It doesn’t take much!

Once the ends are sewn together, you are very close to a completed headband, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is! Next, cut a 2 inch piece of fold over elastic and have it ready.

Turn your headband inside out (matte side out) and open it up so you can see the line of stitching.  Add some Fabri Tac glue or hot glue along the seam as well as a little on each side of it.

Place your 2 inch piece of fold over elastic across the seam shiny side out, then wrap it around the front of the headband.  Note that you do not want to glue the small tab to the front because that is where the alligator clip will be attached.

Add more Fabri Tac glue to the underside of your headband so that the last piece of your fold over elastic tab can be glued into place.  It should fit perfectly and neatly so that the edge of your tab is at the edge of the headband.

Your headband is complete!  Now all you need is an embellishment!


Take a plain alligator clip (which can be purchased at most stores – even some craft stores!) and add some Fabri Tac glue to the front.

Attach your favorite silk flower to the alligator clip, and allow to dry.  Once everything is dry, clip the flower onto your fold over elastic headband, and you have a beautiful creation!  As a bonus, you have also just made an adorable flower clip that can be used alone.


Now you know what to do.  Start creating!

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