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How to Make Your Own American Girl Doll Jewelry

As I mentioned last time, the allure of American Girl Dolls is pretty magical.  And while I believe the initial investment was well-worth it, both for the experience and the quality, I just as firmly believe that that's where you can stop.  Clothing and accessories can be bought inexpensively or handmade, like these fun pieces of jewelry.  They are so inexpensive to make, so easy, and so personal!

What You Need

  • 1 small piece of skinny elastic {I used grey to imitate a silver chain, but you can use any color}
  • a couple beads {I got mine half-off at Hobby Lobby, for less than $1}

This is one of those tutorials that doesn't really require steps.  I made a locket necklace to mimic Emily's from the American Girl catalog, as well as a monogrammed hair tie.  All you do is thread the bead or jewel, then tie the ends.  The tips of the elastic may be frayed after threading, so be sure to leave excess length so you can trim the ends.


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