How to Make Your Own Elastic Hair Ties

Elastic hair ties can be had for a decent price these days, but the cheapest and cutest way to have them is to make them yourself.  That's right- you can choose your own elastic and in less than a minute have a new hair tie.  Or even better, make some for your girls or your pals as gifts.  My girls steal mine, so keeping up with 3 heads of hair can be expensive.  And since I had some spare, not to mention adorable patterned, elastic, I decided to make my own.

Do you want this...

Or this????


I thought so.  I agree.

How to Make Elastic Hair Ties

What You Need

  • 8-10 inches of fold-over {FOE} elastic of your choice
  • sharp scissors

Soooo easy:

  1. Cut the ends of the elastic at an angle.
  2. Grab the two ends together {with pattern on outside} with about 1.5 in past your fingers.
  3. Tie a neat knot by wrapping the ends around your finer and pulling it through.
  4. Tighten it up.
  5. Voila!

Or, what about this?  Add an embellishment by pulling it on one end of the elastic past the point where you'll tie the knot.  Tie the knot.  Pull the embellishment back to the knot.

The advantage here is that you buy the elastic by the yard and you get to choose the color and/or pattern.  You get more {and prettier!} bang for your buck.  I'm thinking restock, stocking, teacher gifts, etc.