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Skinny Elastic Braided Headband Tutorial

Braided Skinny Elastic Headband Tutorial

For this tutorial I decided to create a headband for all ages, yes even

moms can wear it. I really the love look of these headbands, They are so

perfect to wear when you're at the gym or just for fun. Plus there are

endless color options and they are so easy to make!

Supplies you need:

3 colors of skinny elastic

E6000 Industrial strength glue (found at joann fabrics,, and other craft stores)

1 inch FOE (color matching one of the 3 skinny elastic colors)

Tooth pick


Measuring tape

A willing helper or safety pin



First you will need to cut your elastic to size. For an Adult size I cut

my elastic to 20 inches. To figured out the correct size wrap one piece

of skinny elastic around your head where you will be wearing the

headband. You will not need to add extra elastic for gluing. Cut the

other 2 pieces of skinny elastic to the length of the first. Once the

skinny elastic is cut you will need to cut the FOE, you will use 1 inch.


Once your pieces are all cut lay them out so the are lined up on the

ends. You will be gluing the skinny elastic ends to the 1 inch piece of

FOE. Lay the end so they're evenly in the middle of the FOE (see image

below) Be prepared when using the glue, it comes out fast and keeps on

coming even if you are not pushing on the tube. Using your toothpick

put glue on the FOE under the skinny elastic. Then press the skinny

elastic on top of the glue. You will need to wait about 20 minutes before

you start braiding. If the skinny elastic lifts from the FOE you will

want to wait another 10 minutes.




Now it is time for your willing helper to help you out or you can pin

your elastic to something that will hold it in place while you braid it.

Once your glue has dried for at least 20 minutes you can start the

process of braiding the skinny elastic. You do not need to pull tight as

you braid. While you braid make sure to keep the elastic flat to keep it

from twisting.




You will want to braid till the end of the skinny elastic. (see image



After braiding is finished you will glue the end of the braided skinny

elastic to the FOE. You will want to put glue on the FOE and on top of the

other skinny elastic ends you have already glued to the FOE. You need

to put glue on both sides of the skinny elastic. (see below)


To finish off the headband you will want to fold the FOE on top of the

skinny elastic. You will need to put glue on top of the skinny elastic

then push down the FOE for about 1 minute. Make sure you do not use

too much glue or it will ooze out of the sides. Once the first side of the

FOE is in place you will need to fold over and glue the unfinished end of

the FOE about a ¼ inch, hold in place for at least 1 minute.


Now glue the FOE to itself. You can pull it a little as you glue it

together. Squeeze it between your fingers for 1 minute. (In the picture

above you can see the green elastic ended up sticking out of the FOE,

once you finish you can just trim it off if you have this happen to you.)


You are now finished! You will want the glue to dry at least a few hours

before you wear your headband.







I hope you enjoyed making your new braided skinny elastic headband!

Elastic by the yard has so many different colors of skinny elastic for

you to use! You could also use sports team colors! Really there are so

many options!If you enjoyed this tutorial please share with your friends!

Tutorial by Chelsea

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