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How to Make Skinny Elastic Shoelaces

Skinny Elastic Shoelace Tutorial

 Melaina my 4 year old daughter starts preschool in a few weeks. She really wanted to add some fun laces to her shoes! It is such an easy and fun way to make her shoes more colorful! Her favorite color is “rainbow”, she tries to wear as many colors in one outfit as possible!

 Elastic by the yard as many skinny elastic color choices perfect for this easy project! The color options are endless! Plus you can add more color with beads!

 What you need:

  • 2 or 3 colors of EBTY skinny elastic

  • Lighter or candle

  • scissors

  • Shoes

  • Beads (Optional)


 How to:

 First you need to remove the shoelaces from the tennis shoes you will be using. Once they are removed, lay them out straight. You will use the old shoelaces to measure the new elastic shoe laces. To measure the elastic, lay the skinny elastic next to the old shoelaces and cut the elastic 2 inches shorter than the old laces. Cut per shoe, two strands for two different colors or three strands for three different colors.





For the next step please only have an adult use a lighter or matches! After you have cut your elastic to the right length, you will need to burn the ends of the elastic so it does not come apart. To do this just hold a lighter to the end of the elastic for a few seconds, you can also light a candle then hold the elastic ends to the flame.




Once the elastic ends are “finished” you can start lacing the shoes. While lacing the shoes you can add beads if you would like. Since you are using skinny elastic there are tons of bead options to use.








Once the shoes are laced you need to tie them in a bow. You can put them on your littles ones foot first to make sure they are not too tight. Make sure to double knot the bow!

You are now finished! Such a super easy and inexpensive way to add some fun colors to your children's shoes or even your own shoes! You could also make laces using one color of FOE! An awesome bonus to elastic laces the shoes will be easy to slip on and off!



 Tutorial by: Chelsea

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